Horror of Hugeldal

Horror of Hugeldal

A job for a ...friend?

Our story opens at the Red Moon Inn Tavern in Ubersreik where Ethan, a newly initiated Amethyst apprentice is enjoying a quiet dinner, alone,.. utterly alone, at one of the back corner tables.

Nala, a veteran, has abandoned her regiment. Disgruntled because she hasn’t been selected for one of the Elite units ( which she believes is because she is a woman). She has sent a message regarding her AWOL to the only person she could trust, Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg and told him she would be staying at the Red Moon Inn on her way to meet him at Grunwald Lodge.

A rather tipsy Troll Slayer named Killer is sitting by the fire with Richera who is well known in town as a shrewd and cunning gambler. Never has he passed up a game of chance, but is growing increasingly tired of the grind in Ubersreik and has been on the lookout for something more to satisfy his cravings for risk.

Suddenly a loud voice cuts through the tavern, “Message for pretty one!, Message for pretty one!!”

Nala recognizes the nickname right away, but hesitates to see if anyone else reacts,.. After seeing no signs of acknowledgement for the crier, Nala begins to wonder if the crier isn’t seeking her. It is, after all, Lord Asheffenburg’s favorite name for her, and he IS the only one who knows she is here,… hmmm,..

Nala accepts the message from the crier and begins to read:

Dearest Pretty One,
p. I am in receipt of your letter regarding your troubles and your intentions of leaving your regiment and returning to me. I must inform you, AGAIN, that I am recently wed to -——— and cannot host you at Grunwald Lodge. Understanding you are without funds and in need of employment please find the 4 gold already hidden in room 3, behind the headboard and accept my following offer.
p. I am certain you have already heard news of the scandal that has recently been uncovered at my new residence.
p. Due to the realization that I had a most vile and and evil cult living, working and scheming right under my nose, coupled with the fact that I am newly wed into the Von Brunner family, I have cause for a minor concern on behalf of my new bride.
p. If you could, please check in on Lady Agnetha Von Junfreud of Hugeldal and meet me back in Ubersreik with any news. I understand her husband passed away many months ago of the Pox and I we have not heard word from her since this last news.
p. If you could perform this service for me I would be most appreciative, and can lay my wifes concerns to rest.
p. Of course I offer to cover any expense you might incur during your execution of this task with 11 gold, plus the 4 gold as a down payment.
p. Thanks you for your aid in this matter and I look forward to seeing you at the Red Moon Inn soon.

Lord Rickard Asheffenburg

Nala is aware of the recent attacks near the river crossing leading to Hugeldal and decides she can afford a few companions to accompany her to Hugeldal. “Safety in numbers” she says to herself.



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