Horror of Hugeldal

The party meets

Anybody heading South ??

With message in hand, and a clear agenda Nala slowly glances around the room for additional travelers on there way to Hugeldal. Not feeling very confident about her prospects, she decides to head up to room 3 and secure the small fortune Rickard had mentioned in his note.

Finding a great room with very good amenities, Nala heads straight for the headboard and finds all 4 gold as promised. (She wonders to herself who it is that Rickard knows and trusts in town that could secure the room and hide such a large sum of gold for her.)

She pockets the gold and heads back downstairs to enjoy a nice meal and scope for potential people to to travel with.

Feeling quite full and satisfied, Nala swings a 180 on her bar stool and notices a Dwarf sitting by the fire and enjoying a large mug of ale. “He’s been here for 1/2 the day” she says to herself. “The little guy looks tough as nails and obviously has sworn a Slayer’s oath, looks like a good place to start”.

Nala approaches the table where she can now see the Slayer is engaged in a game of chance with a well dressed younger lady. Obvious by the stack of coin next to her, she has been getting the better of the dwarf for some time.

“Slayer, I have an offer for you that will help you replenish your losses from this evenings games, care to hear me out?”



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