Horror of Hugeldal

Skip ahead a bit Brother

The Part Investigates Hugedal

Well,.. All did not really end well for our adventuring warriors. Each party member is now diseased and Nala actually has the plague. Killer is suffering from Stenchfoot and the combination has added a great deal of stress to the party as a whole.

Ethan,… our beloved Amethyst apprentice has begun to lose his mind from the stress and the Winds of magic are proving to be more than he bargained for,.. He now suffers from 2 insanities with one being an affinity to touch dead things with his tongue,.. If Ethan doesn’t rest and begin to pace himself, he will certainly be off to the sanitarium sooner rather than later,.

Nala is afflicted with the Plague and does NOT stand a good chance for survival, During the battle with the followers of Nurgle she managed to absorb a gruesome blow directly to the face but not without consequences,.. She now suffers from a permanent Garish Scar across her beautiful face,( add black to ALL social checks) .. she wonders how Rickard will react to her new looks,…

Hugeldal is now being burnt to the ground and all that resided there have been displaced,.. Due to the diseased water supply.

Lady Agnetha was hung just outside the town gate next to the garden of Morr along with the bandit gang and Doctor Wilhelm,.. the Caravan members were all burned at the stake next to the town well,..

The surrounding country side and farms have been shut down and quarantined until further notice,..

The party has slipped by the guards sending people to the wagons bound for the Shallyan temple in Ubersreik and are traveling though the woods to see if their wagon and belongings are still by the roadside where they left them,.. as they look over their shoulder they see the glow of flame rising from beyond the town walls,….



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