Horror of Hugeldal

Outskirts of Hugedal

A wagon full of trouble.

As the adventurers begin to arrive at the outskirts of town the come upon a wagon of Shallyan Priests being attacked by loathsome bandits. Winning the battle but losing several priests before the fighting is over, they do manage to save ONE. He informs them of a rather unusual proclamation made by the Towns senior noble, Agnatha Von ?? All Shalyan priests are banned from the town and any Shalyan prayers are forbidden!!

The priest asks the party to deliver a message to Agnatha and if she allows them back into the city, all will be forgotten. He asks for them to send word via horse that can catch up with him before he arrive in Ubersriek.

They Party finds a trail that one of the bandits escaped through and after some searching find two dead goblins under the leaves with their ears cut off,… The party decides to follow the trail,..

After nearly missing a caltrops trap the party stumbles upon the bandits camp, but find it deserted, warm fire still smoking,.. Ethan rumages through one of the tents and finds an interesting ring and several gold coins in a very small chest,.. following the trail beyond the camp, The adventurers come to a clearing where they find the main road to Hugedal and the city gates are in site,… They decide to walk to the city ,. leaving their wagon and provisions behind, abandoned on the side of the road about a mile back,….



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