Horror of Hugeldal

A Job for a Friend

The party begins their journey.

Along the way to Hugedal Ethan and the Gambler have a HUGE dispute over the realities of magic and its effect on The Old World. The Gambler states that magic isn’t real and directly insults Ethan. Ethan passively decides to give an example of his magical powers and gets out of the wagon to stand in a nearby clearing. A few mumbles and utterances and the ground all around Ethan begins to die and turn brown. Ethan not being very impressed still maintains the that magic is just a parlor trick is no real threat to anyone,… Ethan becomes infuriated and and decides to make an example of this non-believer,. A great burst of energy leaves Ethan’s hand with a loud clap and strikes the Gabler square in the chest, knocking him off the wagon and inflicts great pain and a minor temporary concussion,.. The Gambler decides to leave the argument for another time,…



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